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  Most of the people having bone cancer want to know the rate of survival. There are also some people who are reluctant to know the rate. Actually, the rate of survival depends on how much the cancer has spread. After finding bone cancer in a patient, usually it is found that the patient can live maximum 5 years afterwards. But there are also some patients found that they live more than five years. In the case of bone cancer, the rate of survival is more or less 70%.

Factors of survival rates of bone cancer:
Bone cancer rate of survival depends on the size, the type and the location of the cancer; it also depends on the spread of cancer range; how far a patient found his symptoms; how often surgery or chemotherapy was used; how is the patient’s age and his blood test result and results of other tests; and finally, the general health of the patient.  From 1995 to the year 2001, the rate of survival of bone cancer was almost 69.4 percent and they survived overall to five years. The relative five year rate of bone cancer also depends on race and sex of the patient. Statistics show that 67.5 percent of the Caucasian men touched the relative five year limit; and it was 72.1 percent of the Caucasian women; 70.0 percent of the American-African men and 68.4 percent of the American-African women. The above said relative five year longevity rate is found 84.5 percent among the localized people; 69.4 percent among the regional people; 30.6 percent among the distant people and 62.2 percent among the un staged people. The overall rate of survival of bone cancer has more increased than that of the past. This is because of the advancement of medical science during the last decade. 

How to increase the rate of survival from bone cancer:
Since medical science has advanced greatly within the last few decades, now the death rate of AboutBoneCancer has lessened greatly. Radiation therapy has brought a significant improvement for the patients having with bone cancer. With the invention of radiation therapy, the mortality rate has decreased than any time in the past. Radiation therapy reduces all the risk for surrounding tissues. Again, if radiation therapy is combined with chemotherapy, then the risk must decrease to a visible point. There is also surgery of limb-salvaging where the patients of bone cancer get a very good result to improve their condition. At present, research is going on according to the uses of gene-therapy. The technique of gene-therapy will bring a revolutionary change, if successful. The gene-therapy will most probably kill the cancer cells and make the malignant cells as the normal cells. There is still risky and many side effects for the treatment of bone cancer. So, the rate of survival of the bone cancer is not completely successful. The prime risk of the treatment of bone cancer is infection after surgery and the cancer recurrence and also to injure the other surrounding cells. In most cases, to reduce the risk and to kill the malignant cells completely sometimes some normal healthy cells are also killed which are surrounding to the malignant cells.



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In the case of bone cancer, the rate of survival is more or less 70%.


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